The late, great Gary Halbert said it first.

Amy Cuddy reinforced the notion in her best-selling book, Presence.

What are they saying?

People decide if they’re going to buy from you in the first 2 seconds.

It’s not a conscious decision.

It’s a subconscious decision.

They spend the rest of their time justifying their decision.

Most of the time they go with their initial gut feeling.

They change their mind if your sales pitch falls flat.

The headline of your sales letter or opening of your video makes that first impression.

Remember, you only get one chance to make that great first impression.

It’s your job to bring home the sale in your content or sales letter.

In Steve Martin's comedy class on Masterclass and he said the same thing.

Have you ever seen a comedian walk on stage and say "Thank you very much. How ya doing?"

The crowd is screaming and clapping like crazy as you walk on stage.

Your boring opening sucks the energy out of the room.

They want to laugh at your jokes but you let them down.

You need to open with a bang and make them laugh immediately.

No warming them up.

A big opening then a big close because that’s what most people remember.

Try it.

You’ll close more deals with less effort.

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