Do you remember your first time? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

No not that first time. 

I'm talking about the first time someone paid you for your expertise. 

I bet you had a nice dopamine hit when they said "Yes let's work together." 

Do you remember what you sold them? 

Do you remember why they said "Yes?" 

How many other clients said "Yes" to your offer? 

I remember my first time. 

I was tired of living in hotels and sitting in airports when I worked for IBM so I decided it was time to venture out on my own. 

The internet and computer networking were brand new so it was easy to get people to say "Yes." 

Getting people to say "Yes" today is a lot harder. 

This morning there are 49 million people on LinkedIn with the word "marketing" in their profile. 

Two million are solopreneurs. 

If you are a one-man-band marketing agency, how do you differentiate yourself from two million competitors? 

Market research. 

How are you different? 

What is your marketing superpower? 

What makes you better or different than your competitors? 

As I scroll through your competitor's profiles on LinkedIn the bar is very low. 

Most "marketing experts" on LinkedIn still use their job title as their headline. 

Do I want to waste my time viewing a profile of a Founder or President or CEO of a one-person company? 

I scrolled through five pages of search results before I found the most creative job title for a marketing solopreneur. 


That's it. 


Aren't marketers supposed to be creative? 

I told you the bar is very low. 

On Tuesday, December 12th at 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern, I'm going to show you how to research your market so you can differentiate yourself. 

The bar is very low in most markets so this is your chance to see what people are looking for in your market and position yourself as THE expert. 

If you want to watch the webinar as a "view only" guest... 

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See you on the call. 


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Ted Prodromou

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