9781599185606-frontcoverHave you ever worked with a vendor who provided outstanding service for years then suddenly their service sucked?

Recently I had that experience with the fulfillment company who mails my Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business books when people purchase from my website. I'm not going to call them out publicly but I need to share this incredible horror story with you so maybe it will help me get over the disbelief.

When the first edition of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business was released a few years ago, I asked my coach Perry Marshall who does his fulfillment. Perry gave me the contact information of the company he used and he highly recommended them. Perry sells over 20,000 books a year so I felt extremely comfortable with his recommendation.

I hired this company to fulfill my book orders and everything was great for over three years. They provided excellent customer service, they were very affordable and they mailed the books the same day they received the order. I couldn't ask for a better vendor to partner with.

Last year their service declined, a little at first then it fell off a cliff. We were assigned a new rep then I noticed a lot of the familiar names were no longer with the company. Our rep was not as responsive as our original rep and was very vague when I asked why so many people had left the company.

They also kept sending me notices that my account was delinquent even though I was on an autopay plan. I would call my rep and tell them I was on autopay and she said don't worry about the notices.

Then they dropped the bombshell…

I received a threatening email from my vendor telling me I needed to turn over my entire inventory every three months or they would destroy any remaining books. They also said my account was suspended until I complied with their new requirements.
Yes they said they would destroy any of my books which were in stock for more than three months.

I was in disbelief.

I have to purchase 1000 books or more at a time from my publisher, Entrepreneur Press, to get the best rate. That means I would have to sell 1000 books every three months if I wanted to continue using this vendor. If I missed the mark, they would either destroy my books or I would have to pay to have them shipped to another warehouse or even worse, to my house where I would have to fulfill the orders.

It's gets even worse!

After a few messages and phone calls to the vendor we discovered the fulfillment company had been acquired by another fulfillment company and they had move my entire inventory from Indiana to Iowa. They never contacted me to tell me the company had been acquired and my stock had been moved.

The first contact from the new owner was the threatening email. They never sent me a letter explaining that they were acquired. They never welcomed me to the new company. They just suspended my account and threatened a good customer for over three years.
Well you know what's coming next.

I'm changing fulfillment companies but I don't want to pay to ship my books to another facility because shipping hundreds of books is very costly.

So you are in luck!

If you live in the US, I will give you a copy of my book and ask you pay a very small shipping fee of $2.95. I'm losing money on this because shipping and handling from the fulfillment company is around $4.50 and my cost for the book is about $7.

I just want to get rid of these books and have another 1000 delivered to my new fulfillment company.

So get your free copy now. Once this pallet of books is gone, this deal is over! Sorry only US shipping only.

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