The other day I shared how I come up with ideas for my emails and products. 




Then immediately capturing ideas and thoughts in a notebook or a voice memo on your phone before they disappear into thin air. 

This is how Einstein, Edison and other great thinkers came up with their best ideas. 

Be still and let ideas come to them. 

I'm experiencing the ultimate form of curiosity. 

Watching my grandson Nathan grow for the past 8 months. 

The day he discovered his hands. 

He looked at his hand, but he didn't know what to do with it. 

Eventually, he started putting his fingers in his mouth. 

Then he started picking things up and putting it in his mouth (why do infants need to put everything in their mouth?). 

Now he's crawling everywhere, exploring everything he can get his hands on. 

He is curiosity in motion. 

When he discovers something new, he picks it up and examines it in great detail. 

Everything is new to him and his level of curiosity of off the charts. 

The simplest things we take for granted are brand new to him. 

I love watching him discover something new then a big smile appears on his face. 

We miss the simple things in life because we're running around with our hair on fire. 

We miss opportunities because we focused on our "to do" list or jumping from Zoom call to Zoom call. 

I'm really trying to implement what I'm learning from Essentialism: The Endless Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. 

I'm getting better at saying no but there are days where I fail miserably. 

Today, I have 7 appointments on my calendar. 

I failed big time! 

My day is just starting and the thought of 7 Zoom calls today is daunting. 

As soon as I finish call #7, I'm heading to the beach for some "me time". 

Do you have trouble saying no? 

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