Nancy Tierney is a longtime friend, business networker, copywriter and an incredible jazz singer.

13 Relevant and Not-So-Relevant Things About Nancy

  1. I was born with 3 ears. Well… two ears and just the barest nub of a third. At least that’s what my dad told me. And he always was a kidder.
  2. I’m a fourth generation Californian living in a New York.
  3. I learned how to write copy by doing it. A lot. And by studying with Lorrie Morgan Ferraro, Sandi Krawkowski, Alexandra Franzen, Ash Ambirge…. and a whole host of other copywriting and Internet marketing geniuses.
  4. My first and forever love is music. Since I was 3 I've been putting on musical shows. Some of which were of questionable quality. I  studied opera in college and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. Now, I sing with my jazz-pop trio “Nancy Tierney and The Boys” any chance I get.
  5. I swear like an effing sailor. But I never rarely use profanity in my copy.
  6. I make a mean baked chicken (I call it Chicken Diana) and I’ve almost perfected the recipe for rich, fudgey brownies.
  7. I ‘m a Francophile. I love everything French. The language, the music, the country, the culture, the champagne! My dream is to live in France for a year. Maybe longer.
  8. Other things I love: My two cats. Coffee. Lazy Sundays. Reading amazingly well-written novels. Sleeping. My house, Alice. Long, deep conversations with good friends. Cappuccinos with Kennie. New York City. Going to the movies. Animals.
  9. I have a very loud and somewhat uncontrollable laugh. And I laugh a lot.
  10. I’m an Apple user. I friggin’ love Apple! PCs suck.
  11. Some of my favorite words are: taco. taquito. popliteus and persnickety. Because they’re so much fun to say out loud. Go on. Say them. There is a happy music in those words.
  12. I believe writing powerful copy is about more than selling, convincing or getting people to like you. It’s about using the power of words to reach out, touch, move, inspire, encourage, uplift and awaken others. It’s about changing people’s lives, for a moment, for a week, or forever.
  13. I’ve always been fascinated by that magical thing that happens when someone writes something – like a book, a song, a play, a film script or a piece or copy – and someone else, a complete stranger, can read it or hear it or see it, and suddenly feel, know, sense or experience something they weren't experiencing just moments before. That’s some kind of crazy magic.The kind of magic you'll possess after we work together. The magic to transform people’s lives not only with your work but with your words.

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