cedric-bookToday I'm having a “proud papa” moment.

I'm interviewing one of my clients, Cedric Crumbley who just finished his 20 year career in the Army. A huge thank you to Cedric for your service to our country!

Cedric was one of the best Army recruiters ever but his career wasn't always so rosy. When he was first assigned to the recruiting arm of the Army, Cedric knew nothing about selling.

One day a woman entered the recruiting office and was ready to join the Army. After speaking with Cedric for a few minutes she stormed out of the office and said “You really suck at selling. I was ready to join the Army and you convinced me not to”

Cedric was so bad, his colleagues made fun of him and he was the laughing stock of his office.

Things were so bad, Cedric became depressed and even considered suicide.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Cedric decided to turn his life around. He started reading books on selling and listened to personal development CD's over and over.

In no time, Cedric became the top Army recruiter and other recruiters started asking him for advice.

When I heard this story, I asked Cedric if he was aware of what he accomplished. He didn't realize how powerful his story is.

You see, Cedric is selling something more powerful than a product or service. Cedric's job was to convince people to put their life on the line for our country. And he was closing 60% of the people who came into the recruiting office.

I even convinced Cedric to write a book to tell his story and he did in just a few weeks! His book Proven Sales and Recruiting Methods: An Army Recruiter's Guide to Selling Anything to Anyone is one of the best sales books I've ever read.

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