The [tag-tec]New England Patriots[/tag-tec] are a perfect 18-0 this season heading into the [tag-ice]Super Bowl[/tag-ice]. They've won more games this season than any team in history. If they win the Super Bowl they'll finish a perfect 19-0, a feat that is equal to some of the greatest accomplishments in sports. To finish the season 19-0 would be an incredible accomplishment because the NFL prides itself on parity, with very strict rules that help the poor performing teams get better through higher draft choices and easier shedules.

This goes way beyond sports and there's a lot to learn from how the Patriots run their football operation. Professional football is a huge business in the US generating billions of dollars in revenue every year. The teams earn billions of dollars in ticket sales, concessions, parking and even more in souveniers. The players earn millions of dollars per year playing the game and even more through endorsements. Sporting good manufacuters like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas earn billions of dollars. The television networks earn billions every year and the list goes on and on.

So how did the Patriots become perfect, so perfect that this is their 4th trip to the Super Bowl in 7 years? It starts at the top with the owner, [tag-tec]Robert Kraft[/tag-tec]. No owner in sports has enjoyed such a tremendous run in recent years and it's all because Kraft created a plan and he's following it to the letter. First he brought in a great management team. Then a great coach, [tag-cie]Bill Belichick[/tag-ice]. The Patriots built a team that consisted of average players that were completely focused on playing as a team, not feeding their own ego. There were no superstars on the Patriots, just players that were 100% committed to the organization and the plan created by Kraft and Belichick. If your ego grew too big, your were gone. If you wanted too much money, you were gone. Players are clamouring to play for the Patriots, even at below market salaries because they want to win. Many of the Patriots including quarterback [tag-tec]Tom Brady[/tag-tec] take salary cuts so the team can bring in the right players for the system. And boy is it working!

How can you build a perfect business like the Patriots did? First it starts with you and you're attitude. Put your ego aside and create a plan that will make your organization strong. A strong organization and a clear plan attracts strong employees. Strong employees that are focused on executing your plan attracts faithful clients and customers. Faithful customers rave about you and your company to their friends and the momentum builds. Once the ball gets rolling look out! You have to follow your plan, review it regularly and update it when necessary. And don't forget to enjoy the ride, just like the Patriots are doing!

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