I'm always following other people's launches to get ideas for my own launches. 

I'm looking for creative ways to be different.  

Most of the time I have no idea if the launch was a boom or a bust unless I personally know the person.  

The other day my friend told me his latest launch was a huge bust.  

Hundreds of hours creating content, emails, and landing page copy all for naught.  

I was following his launch from afar and I noticed all of his emails and landing page copy focused on features.  

Not one benefit to be found.  

To be honest, I'm a feature guy.  

My wife calls me Mr. Gadget because I love gadgets.  

When I'm buying a new computer, it's all about features for me. 

  • How fast is the processor? 
  • How much RAM can I add? 
  • How big is the hard drive? 
  • How big is the monitor and is it 4K?  

The benefits of a new computer could be: 

  • The sleek keyboard reduces hand fatigue and carpal tunnel 
  • The anti-glare monitor reduces eye fatigue 
  • A new mouse is faster reacting saving time 
  • Saves money on your energy bill 

Features trigger me. 

Benefits trigger others. 

You have to know what triggers your audience. 

Create features and benefits that will grab their attention. 

It's football season in the US and we see endless car commercials during the game. 

The BMW and Lexus commercials focus on the experience of driving the car. 

Video of the car gliding effortlessly through curves along the coast. 

BMW's tagline is it's the ultimate driving machine. 

"In some places on Earth it evokes the devine." 

What do Toyota and Honda focus on? 

How much you will pay per month for the car. 

My 2010 Rav4 doesn't glide effortlessly on the Pacific Coast Highway. 

It does get us safely to and from the ski slopes every winter. 

When you know what triggers your audience, you can create compelling emails and landing page copy that will grab their attention. 

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