There are many ways to use Twitter, but you want to use it in the most efficient, effective way to grow your business. Twitter is another marketing channel for promoting your business, so you need to extend your marketing strategy to include it with other social media sites.

Every Tweet you do should have a very specific purpose, whether it's to promote a new whitepaper or announce a new webinar. Every person or company you follow should be followed for a reason.

Your Twitter activity should be part of a bigger marketing campaign. When you take the time to create a comprehensive Twitter strategy, you will see dramatic results.

Your Twitter strategy needs to be in alignment with your business strategy. You can use Twitter for many business reasons:

• As a marketing channel, Twitter can be used to build your brand and generate leads.

• To generate sales

• To provide technical and/or customer support

• To manage your company's reputation

Here are some general Twitter best practices for account management.

  • Tweet at least 10 to 20 times per day. You should schedule 4 to 6 Tweets per day that include links to content on your website or promote your company events such as workshops, webinars, or training classes. You should engage with your Twitter Followers at least 4 to 6 times per day and the rest of the Tweets should be ReTweets or Mentions of other Tweets related to your company, products or your industry.
  • Especially if you have a team managing your Twitter account, try to maintain a consistent voice in your Tweets so people will not be able to tell that you have multiple people doing your Tweeting.
  • Use tools like Hootsuite that provide analytics so you can measure your Twitter activity. Create reports that show which Tweets receive the most ReTweets and Mentions. Also monitor your click activity to see which Tweets and content are most popular.
  • Use tools like Hootsuite that have the ability to manage workflow. In a later blog I'll get into more detail about the Twitter monitoring tools that let you manage workflow. This lets you assign Tweets to specific team members who have the appropriate expertise. This also prevents duplicate Tweets coming from your accounts. You have a complete history of your Tweets and responses so you know exactly which team member did the Tweeting.

Businesses are discovering that Twitter is a very effective tool for marketing, sales, technical support, and customer support. Your prospects and customers are talking about you and your competitors on Twitter, so you need to be listening to what they say and adapting your Twitter strategy to respond to their conversations. You can also use Twitter to proactively promote your brand, generate leads, promote company events and engage with your customers and prospects in real time.

Creating and executing your Twitter strategy is essential to your Twitter success. Your Twitter strategy should be constantly evolving as Twitter grows and adds more functionality. Review and update your Twitter strategy on quarterly basis to make sure you're getting the most from your efforts.


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