1844261Aha moments are good and can change things for us in a major way if we act appropriately on what we discover during them. Want some steps that will help you to have more aha moments?

Four of these steps to take in order to have more aha moments are: noticing quiet signals, looking inward, taking a positive approach, and the last one – don't try so hard.

Key Takeaways:

  • The good news is that these flashes of insight are not as random as they seem, and can be fostered by specific conditions.
  • Silence and solitude are an absolute must.
  • Practice having quiet time, being positive, and meditating (internal and deep thinking). Don't try too hard to have those aha moments and they will happen more naturally and frequently.

“”aha!’ moments that spark brilliant, unexpected solutions tend to crop up when our minds are quiet and our consciousness is at rest. “”


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