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It’s a Small, Small, Kinda Creepy World, After All

But Your LinkedIn Privacy Settings Can Fix That Here’s a quick and revealing exercise for you: Log out of LinkedIn. Now Google search your own name, and look closely at what appears in the results. (Oh come on, like you haven’t done this before.) Here’s the fun part: Pretend to be someone, somewhere, who has […]

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High School Girlfriends and 5-Alarm Chili

Steering the Right Course for Your LinkedIn Profile Whether you’re setting up your LinkedIn account now, or you’ve already filled in a lot of the blanks, take a critical look at what you’re entering in order to steer the right course with this powerful tool. No doubt reminiscing online with old friends is fun.  That’s […]

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The Gold Mine Staring At Your Face Right Now

Congratulations!  You got an account on LinkedIn.  To sort of post your old resume – and maybe connect with a few friends.  Check in every week or so. You’re not looking for a job, so it’s just not on the radar. Here’s a news flash:  You’re missing out. You are looking for a job. Everyone […]

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Adding Your Twitter Account to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Twitter Settings

LinkedIn lets you add social media feeds to your LinkedIn profile. This lets your profile visitors see what you’re up to on the social media front. Adding Your Twitter Account Open your LinkedIn profile, Click on Add Twitter Account and enter your Twitter username. I prefer to Display my Twitter Account on my LinkedIn profile […]

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