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[PODCAST] Conscious Millionaire Marketing and Syndicated Radio Show

I’m honored to be one of the first guests on JV Crum III’s new podcast. A few years ago JV started his first podcast, the Conscious Millionaire podcast, and today it’s one of the most listened to podcasts. In fact, it’s one of the Top 13 business podcasts according to Inc Magazine. I’m sure JV’s […]

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LinkedIn Followers and Customizing Your Newsfeed

LinkedIn Followers. What’s the difference between following someone on LinkedIn and adding them as a connection? Following was introduced when LinkedIn Influencers were added to Pulse. If I wanted to see content published by Richard Branson I would have to be one of his connections. I’m sure Richard would love to connect with me but […]

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LinkedIn Active Status

LinkedIn Active Status is a new feature in LinkedIn Messages. It looks like LinkedIn is turning Messages into a separate app we can use to communicate with our network. LinkedIn Active Status is the green dot you see in the Messages section which is now a popup on the desktop version. On the mobile app, […]

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Do you sell or create an amazing buying experience?

This is the tale of two timeshares. One that sells itself and the other where they shove it down your throat. Yes, I’m talking about timeshares again because I enjoy seeing their latest sales angles. My wife and I often sit in on a sales pitch just for fun to get our $100 gift card […]

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Social Selling Made Easy Magazine Issue 9

The latest issue of Social Selling Made Easy magazine is now available. Thank you Sandra Possing, Michael de Groot, Bob Woods, Gary Barnes, Mitchell Levy, Mike Wolpert, and Brian G. Johnson for contributing great content! Download your copy at  I’m excited to introduce you to some new faces this month. I know so many amazing […]

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