​How I Generated ​103,000 ​Video Views on LinkedIn in ​59 ​Seconds

​This Totally Blew My Mind

59 seconds on LinkedIn…

Over 103,000 video views…

Over 2300 comments…

954 solid leads from LinkedIn...

Over six figures and counting...

My little experiment blew my mind.

I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming response.

As native video was being rolled out on LinkedIn, I’d helped a few

clients create their video marketing campaigns.

The results were pretty good for a first attempt. Most of the campaigns

averaged around 5000 video views which ain’t bad for a free marketing campaign.

Some of the campaigns reached 10,000 video views within 24 hours which

was awesome.

That’s why I wasn’t prepared for over 103,000 video views and over 2300 comments in just 72 hours.

It totally blew my mind.

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