I love Western Digital!

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, BACKUP YOUR DATA! I’ve heard it a million times and I’ve been telling my clients to back up their data for almost 30 years (am I really that old?) My friend Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with "sketch")  is a backup evangelist. She is the queen of backups and constantly reminds everyone she meets to back up your data at least once a week. Check out Sallie’s website at http://authorizer.fileslinger.com

Of course I backup my data occassionally. I have backup programs installed on my computer but I don’t run them regularly because they take too long to run. I have tons of data on 3 computers and most of it isn’t backed up regularly even though I know better.

I was running out of disk space on 2 of my computers so I ventured down to Best Buy to check out the fancy new external USB hard drives. For almost nothing I could add more disk space than I can even fill up. I ended up purchasing 2 new hard drives, one portable 320 GB drive for my laptop and a 1 TB (yes that’s rerrabyte) drive so I could back up all 3 computers to one drive.

I ended up purchasing the Western Digital Passport portable drive that constantly syncs my data as it’s created. I also purchased the Western Digital MyBook terrabyte hard drive so I could back up data from all 3 computers to a central location.

I ran home and plugged in my new Western Digital Passport and instantly it appeared on My Computer. No installation hassles. Nothing to configure. Presto I had more disk space instantly. I installed the Memeo backup software that comes installed on the drive and I was syncing my data with the Western Digital Passport in less than 5 minutes.

Next I installed the Western Digital MyBook on my other computer and instantly I had an entire terrabyte of disk space to play with. I configured a backup with the Memeo software and I was backing up 3 computers to my Western Digital MyBook in no time. In less than one hour I had all 3 computers backing up to my Western Digital MyBook and my primary computer syncing data to my Western Digital Passport. Unbelievable!

And as fate would have it, today I turned on my computer and Outlook wouldn’t open. The PST database file was corrupt and the repair program could only salvage part of my data. I would have lost most of my email archive, my contact database and my calendar. Well I simply found the backup file on my Western Digital MyBook and I was back in business!

Thank you Sallie and thank you Western Digital. You are lifesavers!!

  • http://www.wdc.com Scott Rader

    It’s great to hear about the positive customer experiences more specifically that we had a solution that helped you!!

    Scott – Product Manager