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LinkedIn Coach Partner Program Q&A

Lots of questions about my LinkedIn Coach program so here’s a short video To get started, pay your fully refundable $100 application fee then send a message to with the following information: Name Telephone number/Skype Tell me a little about your background/experience Why do you want to become a LinkedIn coach? What is your […]

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Are You A LinkedIn Lion?

Open networkers on LinkedIn are often called LIONs (an acronym for “LinkedIn Open Networkers”). LIONs seek to actively increase their connections by sending out and accepting connection invitations. The Ways Of A LION LIONs, in general, accept invites from anyone, so it’s relatively risk-free to invite a LION into your network. Most LIONs take pride in touting […]

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Building a Business That Fits Your Lifestyle With Travis Greenlee

A few years ago, I became good friends with Travis Greenlee, who has changed my outlook completely about automated marketing and sales. He was always posting incredible pictures from the ski slope, hiking and mountain biking so we had an instant connection and friendship. Travis lives in the mountains of Colorado and lives the life […]

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