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Social Selling Wednesday April 6 2016

Here's the replay of Social Selling Wednesday for April 6, 2016. Bob Woods, Michael de Groot and Ted Prodromou discuss: What's working on LinkedIn right now Why you need to customize your LinkedIn invitations and how to write compelling invitation messages Bob's Unpublisher Strategy where he gets a great response by just interacting with other people's posts when he do [...]

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Social Sales Revolution With Kevin Knebl

In case you missed today's Social Selling TV show with Kevin Knebl here's the replay. Kevin's take on life is simple - focus on paying it forward period. When you focus on helping others, you build strong relationships with people who may or may not become clients. If they become a client, it's meant to be. If they don't become a client, it's meant to be. The key is to fo [...]

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Invisible Selling in an Increasingly Noisy World

What the heck is invisible selling? Bryan Rider is a global consultant, working in over 50 countries around the world. Bryan's focus is on helping clients build sustainable strategies to create yearly six and seven figure business growth. Every business is different. Yet, every business must create influence and value in their sales and marketing strategy to be successfu [...]

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Podcast: Invisible Selling in an Increasingly Noisy World

Special guest Bryan Rider shares his strategy for selling without selling. Bryan is a global consultant working in over 50 countries around the world. His focus is helping clients build sustainable strategies to create yearly six and seven figure business growth. Subscribe for more episodes   Download your transcription here Transcription: Ted: Welcome, ev [...]

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Most Popular Posts

Why is the media so negative?

The top story in our local newspaper the other day was about slumping home sales. The headline was: Marin home sales plummet Record low since data first tacked in '88 Sounds horrible doesn't it? It sure made me read the story even though I have no plans to sell my home anytime soon. Everywhere we look the media is talking about slumping home sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy, [...]

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Is LinkedIn Worth the Time and Effort?

It came to my attention recently that not everyone understands the potential LinkedIn brings to a business professional. I've been preaching to my clients for well over a year that LinkedIn is the most powerful tool to grow your business or to blow your sales quota out of the water every month. When you know how to use LinkedIn properly, closing more deals is like shooting fi [...]

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Google Update: What Happened to Your Search Ranking?

Google released another algorithm update last week that was designed to weed out low quality content sites. Many low quality websites disappeared from the search rankings which was great. Who wants to see garbage websites in the search rankings? The update was designed to weed out content farms and link farms. Content farms are automated websites that use RSS to pull cont [...]

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Questions from 5 Key Ingredients of Social Media for Your Website

We had a lot of questions from yesterday's 5 Key Ingredients of Social Media for Your Website webinar that I didn't have time to answer so here we go. Q: Are the social media components on "the knot" available via the Sitecore Developer Network? A: You can use RSS which is available in Sitecore CMS to pull content into your website. Twitter has an RSS feed so you can displ [...]

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